I fundamentally believe that the Universe is
friendly and that all is happening for me and not to me.

As I continue learning the steps to my Soul Dance with Cancer, I’ve embraced several practices, which help me navigate through difficult and challenging times.  I’d like to share a practice that has helped me countless times when I’ve faced difficult circumstances.

• • • •

I attended a conference several years ago, where a diverse group of professionals shared wisdom about our ability to choose to live life in a way that enables experiencing optimal wellness.

One morsel of truth I heard over and over was that 80% of our health issues are stress related.

Stress is typically caused by our thoughts.  When difficult and challenging circumstances arise, our negative thoughts about those circumstances tend to ignite fear, anxiety, anger, depression and many other difficult emotions.  Calming stress and the pain and suffering it can cause is key to moving toward a healthier, more peaceful life.  The connection between our thoughts and stress is the reason that working with our thoughts is a key element toward calming stress and creating wellness in our lives.

• • • •

One of my favorite practices to calm stress is the ancient Hawaiian spiritual ritual of Ho’oponopono.  I first heard of Ho’oponopono in 2010 when a new friend introduced the process to me.  She was so thorough with information that it allowed me to embrace and start my own practicing.  I absolutely loved the history, truth and simplicity Ho’oponopono offered.

Ho’oponopono is rooted in the belief that we are all connected to each other and the Divine.  A re-remembering of our own Divinity if you will.  The practice of Ho’Oponopono can help us release the subconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions that are causing a stress response.  Ho’oponopono also offers us an opportunity to experience forgiveness, love and acceptance for others and ourselves.

Ho’oponopono has helped me overcome obstacles to inner peace and clarity many times over the years.  The practice helped me move through grief after losing my mother to Alzheimer’s.  One of the rare gifts of the Alzheimer’s disease was that Mom lived in the present moment with grace and ease the last 15 years of her life.  There was no past or future for her to worry about.  Watching mom live in the present moment was a beautiful state of mind to witness.  She lived in pure joy. Between my Dad and my five sisters we were able to keep mom at home until her final day.  I was honored to be with her when she passed.  I held her as she took her last breath and it was the most beautiful peaceful experience of my life.   It was later that the grief showed its face.  I missed her so much.  I turned to Ho’oponopono for comfort and found profound peace for my heart and soul.

The practice of Ho’oponopono is remarkably effective. I’d even say miraculous.

• • • •

A necessary core belief to practice effectively is that we are all co-creators of our reality.  We are responsible for everything we see and experience in our lives.  If this feels a little hard to digest just let it be for now.    I invite you to practice and experience the benefits in this belief.  This is not about blaming us or making ourselves the victim.   It is more about the opportunity to choose our response to the current situation we are working with.  It’s about letting go of our attachments.

• • • •

Simply saying the following mantra either silently or out loud is appropriate.

You are speaking to the Divine, yourself, or even a situation that you may be struggling with.
You may add in a specific intention to each line of the mantra or one intention for all four lines.

The order in which you say the phrases is not important. Feel free to say the mantra in whichever way feels natural to you.  My favorite is to always start with love.

I Love You

I’m sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

Recently I embraced Ho’oponopono when I was sideswiped with a stage 4 cancer diagnoses.  Let me share my personal intentions with you:


I Love You  How can I not?  You are part of me now. I will welcome you to teach me about cancer, others and myself.  Love is a great healing power.  I put my faith in love.
I’m Sorry  I am sorry for whatever I did or did not do to allow you into my Body.  I am truly Sorry.
Please Forgive Me  Help heal my Body.  I know in my Heart I am already forgiven for my part.  For this I am Grateful.
Thank You  Thank You for listening to my petition for Strength and Healing.

Prior to embracing the mantra and petition I was struggling with the metaphors I kept hearing from well-intentioned family and friends.

“You can beat this”  •  “Good luck with your battle”  •  “You’re in for the battle of a lifetime”    “You can win this war”  • “You have a huge fight in front of you”

I made up my mind very early that I would not be going to war or battle with cancer. I chose rather to be as peaceful and optimistic as possible.  I did not lay down and play dead by any means.  I chose a very aggressive treatment plan with my Doctors and set my intention to LIVE.

For me the practice of Ho’oponopono softened the sting of hearing the battle cries associated with cancer.  Hearing the words of war does not sting me as much anymore.   I am grateful to have Ho’oponopono in my tool bag.

I invite you to try this practice the next time you catch yourself thinking something that creates stress, pain or suffering.  It is truly a simple process with profound healing opportunities.

Always remember…

You are Loved         You are Love        You are Whole