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The 30 minute session will give both of us an opportunity to confirm that we are a great fit to work together and that coaching is the right direction for you.  During this conversation I will share my fees and more details as to just how coaching works.

Once you are ready to commit to my coaching program, I ask you to…

Please consider three simple questions:

♦Are you willing to invest in your well-being?  My coaching programs are personal and custom to each client.  I will meet you where you are in life and help you get to where you want to be.

♦Are you willing to experience coaching that will help you find your innate core strength and wisdom?  My coaching will help to reconnect you to your divine essence.  This is where the answers and peace you seek lye.

♦Are you open to connecting to a new inner circle of women, all whom are living with metastatic breast cancer? Once you have completed an individual core-coaching program I plan to bring all of us together with monthly calls via Zoom.  Together we will continue our Soul Dance with Metastatic Breast Cancer.  The final step will take us into exploring all the stressful thoughts that arise for each of us.  I promise this will be profound work with amazing results!