I am grateful that you have found me.

I imagine you are here because you are living with metastatic breast cancer, have a friend or family member with metastatic breast cancer that you are supporting or you know me and are interested in what I have to share.

You are all welcome here!

My heart is open to anyone interested in learning about metastatic breast cancer and what I have to offer as support to each of us facing life-altering circumstances.

When I was diagnosed in May 2017 I had never heard of De Novo Metastatic Breast Cancer.  This meant that I had initial diagnoses of Stage 4 Breast Cancer with “Mets” to most of my bones.   Metastatic breast cancer refers to an initial cancer spreading to other parts of the body.  I do not have bone cancer.  I have breast cancer in my bones.  The next thing I learned was that this was an incurable diagnosis.  I could have treatment to slow progression, ease pain and hopefully put the current tumors to sleep.  I would never be cured.

Life changing news for sure!

My saving grace getting through all the ups and downs since the diagnosis was faith.  Faith in the Divine, myself, family and friends and the medical team that I have come to consider an integral part of my life.

I have been a seeker of the truth since I was very young.  I thought that I would grow up and simply help people create amazing, happy lives.  Oh the heart of a 9 year old!

Fast forward…. I did get a degree in psychology, helped open the first outpatient behavioral health care clinic in my city and quickly learned that to continue my education to become a psychologist was not going to be my plan.   I had always imagined working with people who were high functioning and in some way had been sideswiped by life’s difficult and challenging times.  I recognized quickly that my field of choice would not be in a clinical setting.

I left managing the clinic and became a Physician Recruiter for several years then moved on to a 20-year career as a Realtor.  I could help people in that world and I loved it.  That is until I met a life coach.  I had never heard of the field prior to this initial meeting.   I became a certified master life coach trained under the best in the industry and have never looked back since.


The profession of coaching was my calling. It gave me my wings.

My clients turned out to be powerful and successful women who were facing devastating circumstances in their lives.  They were searching for answers “why me?” – “now what?” – “how do I go on from here?”  These questions were from the depths of their souls.

It turns out my work happens in this landscape of devastation – not as an attempt to escape what frightens us but as an opportunity to deep dive into exploring who we are at our core, the true spiritual essence of our true nature.

After my cancer diagnosis and much reflection I took down my original coaching website that was called Where Clarity Begins.  I was so sick from chemo treatments I had nothing to offer.

Despair, devastation and the deep soul questions that arose for me after diagnoses ignited me to come up with a new plan….

“Soul Dance with Metastatic Breast Cancer” was born.

If you’re like me, then your soul yearns to be connected with others that have MBC. My intention is to share the wisdom I have learned over the years through extensive education, training and most importantly experiential learning. I will share my experiences and the deepest truths I have found to support me.  I will share tools, techniques and practices that sustained me and they will be our steps to our Soul Dance…together, hand in hand.

My prayer is to bring us together in a safe place were you feel confident and secure to explore the deepest fears, concerns and issues that need to be sorted out.

Come join with me as we learn to dance and gain insight to lift ourselves up to continue living to our highest potential.